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Relaxing Massage

1/2 Hour 1 Hour

Massage technique done by slow, smooth and firm movements, helping to relax all the muscles of the body. The therapeutic effects of this relaxing massage technique are generated mainly through a direct mechanical impact on the tissues, and reflexively through the sensory nervous system


Deep Tissue

1/2 Hour 1 Hour

Deep and energetic massage technique, applied on the contractures. It is used when the body manifests stress, bad postures or sedentary lifestyle through the formation of muscle contractures.

Magnetic Therapy

1 Hour

Biomagnetism is an integralistic and complementary therapy that uses magnetic fields generated by magnets applied to specific therapeutic points of the body.

Yoga Classes

1 Hour

Hindu philosophical doctrine of supporters of brahmanism that is based on ascetic practices, ecstasy, contemplation and absolute immobility, to reach the state of spiritual perfection and the beatific state



1/2 Hour 1 Hour

Gentle manipulation technique or pressure applied to certain parts of the foot to produce an effect on other parts of the body, allowing relief from discomfort.

Cuping Therapy

1 Hour

Suction cups create a vacuum effect that sucks the skin, resulting in an increase on blood vessels diameter at an exact spot.

As a result, there is an increased oxygenation of these tissues, allowing the release of toxins from blood and muscles.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

1/2 Hour 1 Hour

Body therapy technique that assists, optimizes and facilitates the circulation of lymph and its expulsion, along with microorganisms and substances not necessary to the body.

Lymphatic drainage has numerous benefits for patients with various diseases related to the cardiovascular system



1 Hour

Auriculotherapy is based on the stimulation of the pinna, which is a reflex zone of the body parts, using seeds to stimulate the points.


1 Hour

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy consisting on the application of needles to specific points on the body to treat disease and promote health.

These needles, when applied over some specific regions are capable of treating various physical or emotional illnesses.


1 Hour

Moxibustion is a technique that consists in heating regions or points of acupuncture by burning a medicinal herb, in order to improve the circulation of Qi and blood, optimizing the nutrition of organs.